Thank You Toni Morrison: Rest Easy

  The death of Toni Morrison saddened my heart deeply.  She entered my life as a college student and formed the heart of my master’s thesis.  Morrison allowed this white man to see and feel the depths of her characters’ experiences, and thereby, the depth of African-Americans’ actual experiences living through the brutalities of slavery, […]

The AP Literature Exam is Coming! A Plethora (not really) of Tips

“Through her manipulations , Mrs. Danvers exploits the weariness of the protagonist, showing the reader that Mrs. Danvers’s subtle yet persistent cruelty reveals to the reader how lowly the main character thinks of herself and the cruelty which she inflicts upon herself, resulting in behaviors and actions  which otherwise would not have been possible.” Student […]

The Intellectual Conversation

By Roy F. Smith Light, camera, action!  “Okay kids, I want you to engage in a self-directed intellectual conversation about Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath,” and by the way, I want you to film your conversation and upload it to YouTube.” Did my kids jump up and down and scream “O’boy Mr. Smith!  Can we […]