Without a Mission, a Teacher Perishes

Any corporation that is serious about its long-term success has a mission statement. Companies need a guiding vision to keep focused during challenging times as well as the good times. Most schools also have mission statements. Administrators and teachers spend long hours honing each word for appropriateness and precision. Schools set lofty goals guaranteeing results […]

And That’s a Wrap on Another English Season

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash My understanding of physics is limited to reruns of The Big Bang Theory, but even I can see that Time is going by faster and faster every year.  How can another school year be drawing to a close?  It feels like just yesterday that I was shaking hands with my students on the […]

The Think Tank – English Style That Is

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash On first blush thinking seems to be an individual activity.  After all Rodin’s The Thinker is forever pondering alone atop his uncomfortable rock.  Lost in thought. Thinking the big thoughts. Head resting upon the folding hand. Alone. Well, that’s not how thinking happens in my classroom.   In my classroom, thinking occurs […]

Synthesis Essay Reflections from the 2017 AP Language Reading

By Roy F. Smith The 2017 AP Language synthesis essay invites students to weigh in on the future viability of public libraries. The question asks students to consider the Internet’s impact on public libraries and their continuing relevance in the digital age.  The specific task reads as follows: “Then synthesize material from at least three […]