Thank You Toni Morrison: Rest Easy


The death of Toni Morrison saddened my heart deeply.  She entered my life as a college student and formed the heart of my master’s thesis.  Morrison allowed this white man to see and feel the depths of her characters’ experiences, and thereby, the depth of African-Americans’ actual experiences living through the brutalities of slavery, personal heartache, and enduring discrimination in America. I had the honor of meeting Morrison and listening to her read from Paradise.  It will remain a highlight of my life. No words will ever express my gratitude to Toni Morrison, but what I will do is continue to share her words and wisdom with my students. We will read, discuss, and write about the ideas her books challenge us to face head on.  Morrison’s words will resonate with readers and thinkers far beyond my time on Earth, and I pray that one day humanity will embrace the compassion and decency we need to share this planet together in peace.

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